Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil in Bangalore



Cold Pressed Gingelly oil in Bangalore is manufactured by Mother nature using the traditional method of wood pressed oil extraction and filtered using safe and natural multi level filtration method. We deliver Cold Pressed Gingelly oil in all localities of Bangalore with fast delivery service to deliver the cold pressed oil to your doorstep safely.

Cold pressed Gingelly oil has distinct nutty aroma and touch of bitter in taste. Gingelly oil is South India’s favourite oil. We are in the state go back to our traditional oil manufacturing process to retain our health as we all know that the edible oil available in market contains cancer causing mineral oil because we are responsible for our health.

The benefits of Gingelly oil are:

  • Cold pressed Gingelly oil lower Blood pressure.
  • Cold pressed Gingelly oil has Sesamol which is an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent and is very beneficial for a healthy heart as it prevents the fatty deposits formation in the arteries.
  • It combats diabetes. It lowers the glucose in the blood and hypertension in diabetic people.

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